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Golfer Questions Golfer FAQ
Caddy QuestionsCaddy FAQ
Billing Questions Billing Support
Golfer Questions Golfer FAQ
How does it work? – The Short Version

1. Join™ as a Premium Member
2. Schedule your game with your caddy
3. Play golf
4. Pay your caddy

I want to book a caddy – what do I do?

Once you’ve found a caddy you’re interested in, click on Send Message. If you are not yet a Premium Member, you can choose from several lengths of time you want to be a member of Once you have joined, you can send that caddy a message for the date and time you want to play golf by only allowing email communication between members, we are able to create a more secure environment for our caddies and golfers.

What membership level do I need to book caddies?

In order to take full advantage of™
you must be a Premium member. See Benefits

How much does it cost?

A Premium Membership allows you full access to our site. The cost is dependent on the length of membership.

1 Month Membership   =  $ 19.95 / month
3 Month Membership   =  $  5.95 / month
6 Month Membership   =  $  4.95 / month
12 Month Membership =  $  3.95 / month

How many caddies can I book with my membership?

You can book as many caddies as you want as long as you are a Premium Member. See Benefits

Who do the caddies work for?

The caddies are employed by you, the golfer. They do not work for the golf course or™. You are hiring them just as you would hire any other person to perform a service for you. You are responsible for paying them at the beginning or the end of the round, depending on the terms the caddy.

How do I know caddies availability?

Most of the caddies list their availability in their profile. Once you send them a message, you can arrange your exact time and date to play golf.

How does the job posting work?

When you post a job, the job is emailed to all of the caddies in the area of the golf course you are playing at. The caddies that are available will respond back and you can further communicate/ request them.

What are the policies of the golf courses regarding caddies?

Our experience is that there are less than 1% of golf courses that have a caddy program at their course. There are a few very upscale courses that will not let you bring your own caddy, but rather have to use one of theirs. If you are not sure of the course, we suggest you call and ask them what their policy is for bringing your caddy. Even though a golf caddy is an integral part of the game of golf, there are a few courses that will not allow their guest to bring a caddy. Believe it or not, there are a couple courses that will only allow male caddies and not female caddies.

Do I have to pay for an additional player/spectator/caddy at the golf course?

There are a few courses that are really long and will not allow you to walk. They will make you rent a cart. There are some courses that will not allow 3 people per cart so you may have to rent another cart for you and your caddy if you are playing with another golfer in your cart. Some courses, although not many, require you to pay a spectator fee. We only know of four that charge a spectator fee.

How do I rate my caddies after I play?

You can give your caddy a score based upon how well they did for you. To rate the caddy go to her profile and click on the Post Review Button. You can leave comments as well; just make sure they are appropriate

Will the caddies wear bikinis to the golf course?

No. We ask that all of the caddies wear appropriate golf course attire. As a golfer, the last thing you want is to get to the golf course with your caddy and then have her not allowed on the course because she is not dressed appropriately.

What if the caddy does not show up?

You can contact us and we will make an attempt to locate the caddy for you. As in anything in life, sometimes a caddy will have an emergency. While that has happened in the past, we will do everything we can to find the caddy for you.

No caddies have responded to my job posting. What do I do?

Many of the caddies have full time jobs and are only available on weekends or their days off, or they may have been already booked with another golfer. The better caddies get booked first and are sometimes hard to book, especially on weekends and holidays.

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How far in advance should I request a caddy?

The more notice you can give, the higher the probability the will be able to work. Our experience is 2- 3 weeks in advance is usually the amount of time needed to book a caddy. If you request a caddy 6 months in advance, most of them do not know what their schedules are that far out. Last minute requests are sometimes hard to fulfill.

It’s 10 pm and I need a caddy tomorrow morning at 8 am. What do I do?

Our best advice is to post the job on the Job Board. If there is a caddy that is available short notice, they will respond back.

How does SMS (message notification) work?

If you use the optional SMS feature of™, you will be notified on your cell phone or pager of new messages sent to you by caddies.

How much do the caddies know about golf?

The caddies on™ have varying degrees of knowledge of golf. There are those who have caddied professionally all the way to those who have never been to a golf course and everything in between. Since you are hiring the caddy, you have the option to pick the one that meets your golf needs.

I want to book a group of Caddychicks™ for a golf tournament or event.

If you are having a golf tournament or event and would like to book more than 4 Caddychicks™, contact us at We will be glad to help coordinate the event for you. The costs are depending up the services, times and location.

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Caddy Questions Caddy FAQ
How does it work? is an online meeting place for golfers and caddies. As a caddy, you post your profile, the rate per hour/round you would charge, and your general availability. Golfers in your area can see your profile and send you a request to see if you are available for their round of golf.

How much does it cost?

Basic membership is free and will still allow you to communicate and interact with other members. However, for unlimited & additional beneifts, we suggest you upgrade your account to a Premium membership. See Benefits

A Premium Membership allows you full access to our site. The cost is dependent on the length of membership.

1 Month Membership   =  $ 19.95 / month
3 Month Membership   =  $  5.95 / month
6 Month Membership   =  $  4.95 / month
12 Month Membership =  $  3.95 / month

What are the odds that I get booked?

We can’t guarantee that you will get booked. That is up to you and the golfers. There are a lot of factors that golfers tell us that go into their decision making process. Those include how much you charge, your availability, your golf knowledge and your profile comments. Our experience is that the caddies who charge a reasonable rate, answer their emails, and are frequently available get excellent bookings. Of course, if you’re near a popular destination resort, such as Hawaii, Phoenix, or Las Vegas, your odds are better than caddies in remote locations.

Is this safe?

Your safety is of the utmost concern for us. You have to use your best judgment if you do not feel safe. Since you are meeting a golfer in a public place usually with a lot of other people around, you should be safe. Again, just use your best judgment. If you’re not comfortable with the golfer who has booked you, all you have to say is “I’m not comfortable with this arrangement,” and your obligation is ended.

How much golf do I need to know?

You should know as much about the game of golf as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to know as much as Tiger Woods’ golf caddy, but the more you know, the more valuable you are to the golfer. A caddie’s job is described as “one who assists a golfer”. We encourage you to read the rules of golf, spend time learning about golf, and present yourself as professionally as possible. Realize that our golfers will rate you. If you present yourself as a serious caddy with great knowledge of the course, clubs to use, distances, and other golf variables, we’re sure that both your bookings and your tips will reflect your knowledge and hard work.

What do I need to wear to the golf course?

Most golf courses have a dress code. We advise you call the course before you go to find out what that is. Generally, you should wear shorts, slacks or a golf skirt, with a polo type shirt. Never wear denim! A hat and tennis shoes are a must too. If you want to dress to impress, go to the Caddychicks Pro Shop and get your caddy gear there.

What is expected of me as a caddy?

At the bare minimum, you should keep you golfers’ clubs and golf balls clean, the sand traps raked, divots filled and his beer glass filled! If you are good enough to read greens and help with yardages; that is even better!

How does the SMS notification work?

You will be notified by email of a golfer’s requests/emails that have been sent to you. You can also have the option of being notified by text message on your cell phone. You need to select that option in your profile. It is very important that you make sure that you allow emails from our domain,, to get through any spam filters.

Do I have to accept a job?

No. If you are not available, send the golfer a reply that you are not available. In your reply, you may also send comments on when you may be available.

When do I have to let the golfer know about if I am available or not?

Because caddy jobs are time sensitive, you should let the golfer know as soon as you receive the request. If you are not sure, you can email him back and let him know when you will know what your schedule is.

What are the golfer ratings?

After the round of golf, the golfer has the option to rate you on your punctuality, appearance and golf knowledge. This lets the other golfers see what the golfer thought of your caddy performance.

How do I get paid?

That is up to you. The golfer will normally pay at the end of the round. We suggest you let the golfer know how you want to get paid before the round so there are no misunderstandings.

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How much should I charge?

What you charge is what you feel your time is worth. It also depends on how much golf knowledge you have, how many caddies are competing for the jobs in your area, etc. Our research says that 95% of the caddies that are booked charge on average $18 an hour. Again, your professionalism, appearance, and golf knowledge—reflected in your golfer reviews—will help you earn a higher rate.

What is the picture policy?

You can upload up to 6 pictures in your profile. Picture formats allowed are - .GIF or .JPG (max file size is 3mb). Pictures must be tasteful. No nudity, implied nudity, no underwear pictures, no pictures laying on a bed or in any overtly suggestive poses. Don't post just one picture with you and your friends. Your potnetial golfers will not know which one you are in the picture. So please make sure that the main depicted person in the photo stands out. The complete picture policy and tips are in the photo page when you sign up.

Why is my account not active?

Your account may not be active because you have not posted pictures, we have not approved your account, you have your profile set to invisible in your account settings or it has been longer than 60 days since you logged in. I accepted a caddy job. But now I am unavailable. Now what? Send the golfer a message as soon as you know you cannot make it. You can also send us a message and we will try and contact him as well.

Blocking an annoying/ inappropriate member

If you get a message from a member you feel is in appropriate or you are being harassed, you may send us a message and we will monitor or block that person’s account if inappropriate comments/harassment continues.

How are the caddies of the month chosen?

Each month we select a caddy that best represent™. Your profile will be highlighted as the caddy of the month if we choose you.

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Billing Questions Billing Support
What is shown on my credit card statement?

The charges for your membership appear on your credit card statement as GolfGLLC which stands for Golf and Girls, LLC, the legal name of

Do I pay for the caddy services?

No, you pay the caddy for her caddy services. The only thing we collect for are the membership fees. If you are booking a group event, then that is handled separately and billing for large events is done through out corporate events department.

Do the caddies accept credit cards?

The majority of caddies accept cash only at the end of the round. There are a few that will accept Paypal if paid in advance. It is best to make sure you agree to the payment before the round of golf.

Do you mail out receipts, packages or gifts to my address?

We do not send out anything to your address other than the complimentary Golf Magazine subscription you receive with your Premium membership. That comes from our handicap partner Isaac Golf.

Who do I contact for billing questions?

If there are any issues with billing, we will do everything in our power to correct them as quickly as possible. We only want happy customers. Let us know if there is a problem.

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